Journey with JADU continues

A new month begins with a new language. Wow! exciting Right. So, it's the 5th week, and this week we started JavaScript. So, up till now, we learned HTML and CSS but now it's time for us to get our hands dirty with some “JavaScript” as well.

Being a web developer, JavaScript is one of the 3 most important languages all web developers must learn. BTW if you are wondering, the other two are HTML and CSS.
1. HTML to define the content of web pages
2. CSS to specify the layout of web pages
3. JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages

Since we are talking about HTML and CSS, I want to mention that we were also assigned a small project by sir Arsalan. It was about making a responsive website using grids or flex boxes. Well, I won't lie, it did take me quite some time to complete the project but I enjoyed the process. It was fun doing it.

Coming back to javaScript, so this week we discussed the basics i.e. variables, scopes, data types, control statements, loops, Difference between var, let, and const, arrays, objects, etc.

These are basics yet very much important concepts, one should not take them lightly. It requires a lot of practice so practice, practice, and practice. There isn't any shortcut to it. Having a strong base is the key to a good developer/programmer. so work on your base.

So, closing my blog I would like to say that I’ve learned a lot of new things so far. And I am really excited for the next week as we will be moving towards learning advanced JavaScript. Till then, peace out…




Fellow at Jadu Full Stack Development Fellowship Program

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Saad Farooq

Saad Farooq

Fellow at Jadu Full Stack Development Fellowship Program

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